Class 11th Commerce Online Preparation

class 11th commerce online preparation

Class 11th Commerce Online Preparation by Success Mantra

Online learning is a challenging but very rewarding way to acquire a set of qualifications. Advancements in technology now allow students to study online entirely when grouping with peers, watching lectures and participating in topic-specific discussions.


Success Mantra is one of the leading e-learning Portals for class 11th and class 12th commerce online preparation. Online Classes and flexible schedules are turning students to online learning as an ideal alternative to Face-to-face Learning.

Class 11th Commerce Online Preparation – Live Classes. Success Mantra is offering a comprehensive and interactive collection of Online Courses for class 11th and 12th such as commerce pendrive classes and live classes.

class 11th commerce online preparation

Class 11th Commerce Video Lecture Classes

Class 11th Commerce Video Lectures Online Preparation and Coaching by Success Mantra

While some students feel that online learning needs more self-motivation, but Success Mantra recognizes that pastoral support is just as important as tutor feedback and that their students are keen to ensure that there is equal support in Online Learning.


One major advantage of using fully hosted online resources is the flexibility it allows. Online students can choose to access their course information and complete their scheduled assessment piece at any time; this allows them to adapt to the study of their work, family and other commitments. This also means that students who want to continue working while studying do not have to change their careers.

Class 11th Commerce Online Preparation – Live Coaching

We provide online courses that are more convenient, reliable, certified and economical. And the best thing is that you can study comfortably from anywhere even if you are not certified. All you need is a passion for learning and a quick online search that will guide you on the right course. From that point on, you will have your own education.

Class 11th Commerce Live Classes

Class 11th Commerce Pendrive Classes & Online Preparation by Success Mantra

Live Classes actually provides two-way interaction between the student and the tutor where students can easily interact with tutors and learn by staying in the comfort zones of their home as it’s a combination of a video call and a classroom atmosphere – which we called as a virtual classroom.

Class 11th Commerce Pendrive Classes. We provide a magnificent platform that uses an interactive whiteboard along with various other great features that make learning from Live Classes really impressive, easier, interactive, and economical.


Features Of Live Commerce Classes

  • Chapter-wise and Topic-wise classes as per school curriculum.
  • Pre-defined Schedule of Live Classes at your convenient time.
  • Two-way whiteboard for perfect explanations.
  • Online Quizzes on a regular basis.
  •  Raise a hand option for students that allows them to inform teachers if they want to speak without interrupting the whole class.
  •  Multiple viewing settings – toggle tile feature that shows all the participants in the class. Class 11th Commerce Live Online Classes.
  • Best faculties from all around the world to teach you.
  • Special focus on concepts where the student is weak.
  • Availability of Recording option at additional cost for future viewing of classes.
  •  E-worksheets or PDFs in the study material which students can read online or take a print.
  • On-Demand Special Doubt sessions on Saturday/Sunday.
  • Audio Videos presentations, PowerPoint presentations, Images, PDFs through screen sharing for better interaction.
  • A personalized learning experience for the student with full individual attention.
  • There is dedicated support staff for any assistance to students, parents, & teachers during the Live Class as well as after the live class is over.

Download Latest CBSE Class 11th Commerce Syllabus Below:

CBSE Latest Class 11th Commerce Accountancy Syllabus – Pdf Download

Get CBSE Latest Class 11th Commerce Economics Syllabus – Pdf Download

CBSE Latest Class 11th Commerce Business Studies Syllabus – Pdf Download

Success Mantra provides you NCERT based notes. Class 11th Commerce related to your accounts all query clearly find out.  Online classes best way of learning. Class 11th Commerce Online Coaching And Preparation – Pendrive Course.

Demo Lecture Link For Class 11th Commerce Online Preparation Classes

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Success Mantra is an online education portal to facilitate the knowledge and professional skills through practical education system and easily accessible mode, so that everyone can have the chance to qualify for the today`s competitive world.

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