Career Options In Commerce Stream

class 11 commerce online preparation

Having cleared your 10th boards, you probably confronted the looming question to choose a specific stream. The tendency towards science will bring about its determination. Furthermore, the decision towards the other two-streams or Commerce comes suspending with the alternatives to students has after they select a specific choice. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Coaching By Success Mantra.

With the commerce course, you learn accounts, finance, and business aspects. And you always have an opportunity to switch to Arts-based on your interests in the field. Commerce stream jobs have the ability to provide high salary if you choose the right path. 

Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Success Mantra

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Career Options for Commerce Students

class 11 commerce online preparation

Students having studied Commerce can pursue their professions in any of the following with the courses offered:

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

This degree is the most customary course that students tend to choose after their class 12th completion. It is a 3 year degree course that provides curricular knowledge on subjects like Accountancy, Statistics, Management, Human Resource, Computer, Economics, etc. You can swiftly get admission to the various varied universities or institutions offering this course, based on your scores in class 10th and 12th boards.

B.Com does not have a high difficulty level in the course structure. And students seeking this can easily practice and pursue other courses to gain specialization in different fields. Learn More.

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

Just like the CA course, this degree is a professional course offered by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India. Similar to CA and CS, the curriculum is a formation of different levels, for students to clear the rounds.same as CA and CS. Following this course, it is required of students to obtain education and expertise associated with subjects like Cost & Management Accounting, Fundamentals of Commercial and Industrial Laws,  Laws and Ethics, etc. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Success Mantra.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India administers the professional course for students having completed their class 12th in commerce. This professional course comprises various levels. Students need to clear one to be eligible to sit for the next level with a higher difficulty level. The overall difficulty level of this course is very high when compared with bachelor’s degrees. For a student to gain this certification will earn the CA title, and will yield profitable returns. CA is one of the highest salary commerce stream jobs in the market. 

The level of difficulty under this course is much higher as compared to other bachelor courses. Subjects included in this course are Accounting, Cost Accounting and Financial Management, Advanced Accounting, Taxation, Auditing and Assurance, Business Laws, Ethics and Communication, Information Technology and Strategic Management, Corporate and other Laws, etc.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Want to get into business administration right from the beginning? The BBA is a common choice amongst students after they’ve completed their class 12th having studied commerce. It is a three-year undergraduate program where students obtain an education based on the principles of business and its administration. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Success Mantra.

Business aspects and methodologies are taught from the very beginning, and students learn methods of corporate operations and laws in functionality.

Company Secretary (CS)

Unlike the CA certification, the CS or Company Secretary course is under the administration of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI). Students with an inclination towards theoretical courses in Law choose this course for a career option. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Coaching By Success Mantra.

The degree brings laurels to the candidate bearing it, and, like the CA course has levels to clear each time till they reach the final CS Professional Programme category. The course provides an understanding of the legal purposes and agreements of companies.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)

The Financial Planning Standards Board India (FPSB) administers and supervises this professional course. For students having an interest in financial planning subjects, the courses certify and recognize expertise and knowledge in topics like financial planning and taxes, retirement, insurance, and estate planning. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Success Mantra.

Bachelor of Economics

A three-year course duration, this degree is an essential and profitable alternative open for students after their class 12th commerce. Following this program, students get exposed to various financial concepts and analytical methods in economic studies.

For learners having an interest in economics, this is a desiring option to secure knowledge and skills in understanding the underlying concepts and principles governing the subject. Subjects included in this course along the lines of economics are microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, history of economics, political economy etc. Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Success Mantra.


These are the top vocation alternatives for commerce students to get lucrative business stream occupations. Students regularly end up in a difficulty to choose the best educational program for their profession plan. With different choices in Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Marketing, or Business Administration, you should initially take a shot at your advantage, choose the vocation way and afterward select the course that concurs well with their arrangement ahead.

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Class 11 Commerce Online Preparation – Coaching By Success Mantra.

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