How to Prepare for Class 12 Commerce?

Commerce Students encounter a strange and usual type of hurdle – they have to get their calculations correct, deal with detailed synopses and study business associated terms and lingo. The students require to study regularly and steadily across the year to master the boards. The students need to study systematically and constantly throughout the year to ace the boards. Here are a few suggestions for the core Commerce subjects. Esuccessmantra’s Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes can help you achieve good score in boards.

To obtain a satisfactory score in boards a student needs to follow the following tips while studying commerce for class 12.


Everybody is well aware of the fact that Accountancy is the core subject in the Commerce stream. Therefore, the theories of Accounting need to be precise and should be on the fingertips.

Attempt questions on company accounts, cash flow statements and partnership first. These carry 60% weightage in the paper. One should also go through all illustrations for ratio analysis. Remember, accountancy is major part of studying commerce for class 12, and hence it is important to be thorough with it.

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Tips To Study For Class 12 Commerce Board Exam for Accountancy

  • Journal Entry should be on the tips. If one can journalize any transaction, they can solve each question
  • Plan for the sections like Cash Flow Statements, Partnership firms and Company Accounts as they carry about 60% weighting in the question paper
  • Do not read the formulas, comprehend them and one will never misremember such. For – methods for the ratio analysis
  • Not just the theory, formats of the Trial Balance, Ledger and Balance sheet comprises a stable score. So make certain to manifest the answer in the customary format either of Journals, Balance Sheet or Ledger Accounts
  • Accountancy requires more practice, therefore one must solve as many questions as they can. Also, don’t restrict the reference textbooks and make sure to solve previous year board question papers
  • Moreover, usually, students omit the theory section of Accounts which is equivalently vital as practical. Hence, incorporate the theory with the practical
  • The solutions must be backed by precise working notes wheresoever needed

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Business Studies

Remember, business studies is very scoring. The only thing you have to do is stress on presentation. Business Studies can be cracked by just a bit of focus and presence of mind. Remember all headings as they are from NCERT.

The preponderance of students thinks Business Studies as a scoring paper. The theories are simple to comprehend and write. However, the students have to give more thought to the presentation of a paper.

Tips To Study For Class 12 Commerce Board Exam for Business

  • Business Studies is a comprehensive academic paper, hence, it requires appropriate revision.
  • Outline short notes to revise the lessons before the examination. Every time, ending the test books can be oppressive so begin preparing short notes which can assist the students to revise the entire syllabus in less time
  • Practice the mnemonics to read the topic or points
  • Regularly present the answers into the points because long passages can make the examiner distressed and end up granting less marks

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Stick to the syllabus provided by CBSE. Start studying from day 1 as the syllabus of economics is very vast and requires sufficient amount of time. This is a section that promises to take up a lot of your time while studying commerce for class 12. Brush up your analytical and logical reasoning skills. Understand the reasons for the relationship between variables – such as total product and marginal product, total fixed cost and average fixed cost etc. Be neat in presentation of your answer.

Tips To Study For Class 12 Commerce Board Exam for Economics

  • As the syllabus of this subject is broad and one must prepare written notes for each chapter which is clear to comprehend and learn as well
  • There are lots of diagrams in both Micro and Macro Economics so the students can practice drawing precisely marked diagrams. Although, the students would score marks for their drawing abilities but unlabelled diagrams surely not going to help them in scoring marks
  • The Economics paper chiefly constitutes of many differences between notions and terms. So, one must prepare the differences well and try to present them in a tabular format; where it can be defined precisely
  • Also, practice previous years’ question papers as it can assist one to recognise the format of questions and comprehend what really examiner requires
  • The day prior to the exams, do not exercise the questions, merely glance the whole chapters and concepts from the notes that you would have prepared

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Final Thoughts

Board exams make an important facet of your academic life. Hence, it is imperative that you put in all you can while studying commerce for class 12!

These are a few tips and tricks on how to prepare for the class 12 Board examinations – Commerce, which will definitely encourage the students to score 90+ marks in their 12th board commerce exams.

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