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Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes

The study of business is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan, and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers. Business is influenced by and impacts on the cultural, ethical, environmental, political, and economic conditions of the day. Preparing for class 12 commerce exams becomes easier with  Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes – Success Mantra.

Business Studies will help you to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives you a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages you to think about how and why people start up in business and why you too might also consider starting a business.

Class 12 Online Preparation – Success Mantra

The result of the studies that you will do today in the 12 class will reap the rewards throughout your professional career to have an excellent start to your career. Class 12 Commerce Online Classes by Success Mantra is the best way of learning. Get the best result and shine in future.

Prepare online with Class 12 Commerce Online Preparation – Commerce Live And Pendrive Classes by Esuccessmantra.

As well as developing the essential transferable or ‘soft’ skills that employers demand, the following strengths are also cultivated through business studies:

  • critical thinking and analytical skills, alongside familiarity with evaluative techniques;
  • numeracy and the ability to research, interpret and use business and financial data and information;
  • self-reliance, initiative and the ability to manage time, projects and resources;
  • appreciation of the causes and effects of economic and other external changes,
  • a creative problem-solving approach and sound, logical decision-making skills;
  • effective and persuasive written and oral communication skills;
  • understanding organisational behaviour and structure.

These attributes are much sought after by employers, since they build commercial awareness and allow new employees to start contributing to the organisation quickly. Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes – Success Mantra.

The course structure and design of assignments also boost employability, with presentations, group work, independent projects and business simulation activities giving ample opportunity for development.

Class 12 Commerce – Success Mantra

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Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes

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You will engage in learning from Four business practices:

Business fundamentals to develop understanding of how a business operates and functions

Financial literacy to make informed and effective decisions in consumer and financial contexts

Business communication to effectively exchange information through different modes of interaction for the purpose of carrying out business activities

Business technology to select and use technology applications to process, convey and present information effectively.

Four business functions helps you in exploring business practices:

Working in administration focuses on the broad range of administrative knowledge, understanding and skills needed to work in business. Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes – Success Mantra.

The working in finance focuses on the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to support the financial functions of a business.

Working with customers focuses on investigating the meaning and importance of customer service and how businesses decide on the level of customer service they will offer Working in marketing focuses on investigating how businesses use marketing activities to meet customers’ needs and deal with competition.

Class 12 Commerce Online Preparation – Pendrive Classes by Success Mantra

Success Mantra provides you NCERT based notes. Class 12 Commerce related to your accounts all query clearly find out. Online classes best way of learning. Join now Class 12 Commerce Online Preparation – Live & Pendrive Classes.

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FAQ’s for Pendrive Course

Q.1 System Requirement

Ans. All Pendrive Courses run on Windows 8 or 10. Pendrive Courses are not for Mac users.

Q.2 What will be the medium of this course?

Ans. Course written language will be English & Spoken language will be Hinglish.

Q.3 How does this course exactly help me?

Ans. If you are preparing for 11th and 12th class commerce online coaching, this is the best course you can have with best faculties, covering all syllabus of exam and syllabus is explained in Hinglish. After having this course you don’t need any kind of coaching. And we provide syllabus related stuff and videos regularly on our website and youtube channel.

Q.4 How to play videos through Pendrive?

Ans. Just plug pendrive in your computer & play videos. Instructions are given in Pendrive.

Q.5 What do you mean by validity?

Ans. As Videos are encrypted with time validity. Videos won’t play after given validity time.

Q.6 How will I ask doubts (if any) related to any subject?

Ans. You can E-mail them and you can also ask query on call.

Q.7 Do I need Internet at the time of using Pendrive?

Ans. No, Pendrive course is completely offline. You will require internet only at the the time of starting the course.

Q.8 Can I extend validity later on?

Ans. No, validity is pre-fixed. It cannot be increased later on. So Choose validity wisely.

Q.9 What if I need to format my system?

Ans. No you cannot play videos afterwards. There is restriction on number of users too. Pendrive run only on one system.

Q.10 How much time it will take to get delivered?

Ans. Delivery is totally based on the location of the user, if the user is in Saharanpur, then he/she get the pendrive within 2 days else it will take 5-7 working days to get delivered at the address provided.

Q.11 How can I get this course?

Ans. You can purchase the course only from our website then you have to visit Buy a Course section. You will have to make payment online via different modes of payment like credit card, debit card, net banking, E-wallet etc.

Q.12 Can I purchase a single subject video material or only one subject from the course?

Ans. Yes, you can buy the course subject wise.

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Preparing for class 12 commerce exams becomes easier with  Class 12 Commerce Pendrive Classes – Success Mantra.

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